10 Most Expensive Destinations in the World

Many places in the world are costly and the cost of living there is really expensive. Some great cities of the world are quite expensive in terms of living and staying. Recently EIU has done a survey to find the most expensive cities throughout the world in terms of cost of living and announced a list of these top 10 most expensive cities: —

List of most expensive destination in the world

  1. Singapore

Singapore is the most expensive tourist place of the world

Singapore is the most expensive destinations of the world to live. The main reason behind its being expensive is, lack of natural resources. Singapore is dependent on other countries for water and energy consumption and to overcome this, other services are quite expensive here.

  1. Paris

Paris is the 2nd most popular and expensive tourist spot

Paris is in the second position in terms of living and staying. If you have come here for a vacation then hanging out in a park is the cheapest way to enjoy. The Bars and Restaurants are really expensive here having an average price of wine about $12 a bottle.

  1. Oslo


Oslo, Norway is the third most costly city of the world. Unlike the Asian cities, Oslo has some priciest categories in every kind of entertainment and fun. The taxi drives are very expensive as compared to the metro and buses here.

  1. Zurich


Zurich, Switzerland is another famous and the 4th most expensive city in the world. Like its most European counterpart famous cities, Zurich is expensive in terms of hotel stay and food.

  1. Sydney


Sydney is also the famous and one of the most high-pricedcities of the world. While you will get mesmerized by watching the beautiful view near Bondi Beach, you will also realize why Sydney is in our 5th most expensive cities, as your bank balance will say it all.

  1. CaracasSydney

Caracas, Venezuela is the 6th most expensive cities according to EIU report. Although it is considered as most expensive cities, yet the unofficial black marketing exchange really pushed the rate of living in this city.

  1. Geneva


Geneva, Switzerland is yet another expensive city of the famous country Switzerland. European countries have gain the chart in the list because European currency has gained strength against the Dollar recently.

  1. Melbourne


Melbourne is Australia’s another expensive city that got an 8th position in terms of cost of living. This city is expensive in terms of stay, entertainment, and services also.

  1. Tokyo


Tokyo, Japan is another city that got the place in 10 most expensive cities list. Earlier this city was in second position but due to the fall of Yen in exchange market; this city has lost its position. But Tokyo is still expensive and a loaf of bread costs here around $7.12, which is the second highest price after Paris ($8.1).

       10. Copenhagen


Copenhagen jumped to tenth position from a lower ranking. It is the third most high-priced city in Europe. If you visit this city then you have to spend $10 for coffee and $25 for a sandwich. If you want to have a good dinner in this city then you need at least $75 per person. These figures justify why Copenhagen is in the 10th position of most expensive cities.

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