Aliko Dangote Net Worth

Aliko Dangote is an African business tycoon who holds the title of the richest man in Africa and the 23rd richest person in the world. His net worth stands at a staggering $25 Billion, in comparison that is the national income of many small nations. Dangote is the 57 year old tycoon who is known for creating the craze for corporate business in Nigeria.

Coming from a simple background Aliko Dangote has earned his massive wealth himself and at the age of 57 years is the leader in the agricultural sector in Africa, he not only deals in agricultural products like sugar and wheat flower but also in the high scale production of cement. These three simple commodities have helped him amass his vast fortune.

How Rich is Aliko Dangote ?

Most tailented Businessman Aliko DangoteTotal Net Worth :- $ 25 billion  (in 2017 year as per Forbes)

Date Of Birth : April 10, 1957

Aliko Dangote Height :  Not known

Weight :  76 Kg / 167 lb (approx)

Spouse : Businessman Aliko Dangote was married to Mariya A. D Muhammad Rufai however it can’t survive for long time and divorced. He also married with other 2 ladies however relationship can’t survived.

Business Ideal

Aliko Dangote always had a keen eye for business, coming from a well off family in Nigeria Aliko began to show the entrepreneurial spirit quite young when he started selling candy to his school friends for a profit. started small with no family backing and only his intellect to bank upon, He crafted his fortune starting in commodity trading with a loan he secured from his uncle. He launched the “Dangote Group“ in 1977 and has grown substantially, it was just in 2013 that the corporation earned a staggering $23 Billion in revenue.

He has invested a staggering $9 billion in the oil industry creating oil refineries, petrochemical complex and fertilizer plants in the country which caused a great increase in jobs and boom in the economy.

For the love of Charity

Aliko Dangote has pledged a massive $1.2 billion to charity in 201 to help enhance living conditions and the lives of countless Nigerians. He invested the amount in his own trust which has being doing work for over 20 years. It aims to support initiatives promote education,  empower the young and fight with Islamist terrorism in the country.

Favorite Luxuries: his House and Cars

In January of 2013 Aliko Dangote purchased a massive yacht with all the modern amenities, while and from the model to the price is not yet revealed one this certain that it was certainly more than a few million but that’s not really a lot for a billionaire.

Luxury Yacht own by Aliko Dangote

And that’s is not the only thing he owns, because he uses a private jet to travel around the world in front of that even his prized Maybach’s, Bentleys and Bugatti’s fall short.

While some believe he did benefit from his family’s contacts it’s impossible to say that Aliko Dangote is not a man crafted by his own hands right now he is Africa’s richest man but if he grows at the pace he expects he might be the world’s richest in less than a decade.

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  1. I admire Mr Aliko Dingote a lot,for his hard work,I pray each day that God Almighty keep people like you so that the younger generation can learn from men of your calibre.

  2. I pray for you that every Evil tree in your family, against your Destiny, against your Success shall be Cursed and Destroyed in JESUS name.

  3. dare oyenigbehin May 6, 2015 at 5:01 pm - Reply

    Sir,u are at the top now,I pray u shall never cum down in jesus.pls sir I nid ur help dis is my no sir 07031803315 tanx sir and god bless.

  4. It takes alot to come this far,despite trials and tribulations you conquered. I pray to get and share your knowledge to get to more than where you are now. God bless you. God bless Nigeria.

  5. You are among people I can’t do a day,without going through their profile to get knowledge to add to the little I have to build business plans and strategy each day. For that singular reason,you remain my mentor. God bless you. God bless Nigeria

  6. I am seeing our nation Zimbawe going great agricultural wise by your mere investment Mr Aliko we as Zimbabwe are going to ratain our title as the bread basket of Africa one day . Have a good day brother . Milton Muwori 00263772448067

  7. Amevor Freeman Delaney September 4, 2015 at 2:07 pm - Reply

    sir may the benevolent lord richly bless u for how far u have lifted my spirit of becoming one of the richest man in Africa I love u too much to the extend that ma people started calling me junior Dangote n am very happy for having that title n I known it is not just a mere name but name which possessed the spirit of CAN DO I pray I meet u one day n expect ma products in the market one u will forever me mine MENTOR.I lUV U

  8. Let him make history, to be the first Nigerian to have a privately own refinery,, for others hidding their money to invest in refining our crude oil home,

  9. job well done the great African Dangote stay great and remain Bless. 237675404360 your love for the down throw dead shall always earn you blessings. I desire to be part of your team

  10. God richly bless u mr aliko dangote . I live in Ghana but I always take u as ma role model on this continent but I need your support to be part of your reputable company.I am cement dealer and I used to sell dangote cement only but the problem am facing is I don’t have a car for supplying ma goods to ma customers due to this I found it difficult.I need a support from u sir please help me to get a Kia Rhino please and please Aliko dangote thank u sir. My phone number is 0549752967 please do me a favour and the good Allan will bless you in abundance. My name is Alhassan Rafic

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