Bernard Hopkins Jr Net Worth – Richest Boxer

One of the best boxers in the business, Bernard Hopkins is worth at least $40 million today. Born in Philadelphia to Bernard Hopkins, Sr. and wife Shirley, Hopkins had a troubled past where he was involved in a lot of crime. He was arrested for 18 years for nine felonies and began to find his passion for boxing in prison. He claims that the prison life changed him and made him the fighter that he is today.


How Rich is Bernard Hopkins Jr ?

Bernard Hopkins @ cownetworth.comTotal Net Worth :- $40 million (in 2017 as per Forbes)

Date Of Birth : January 15, 1965

Bernard Hopkins Jr Height : 6.1 feet or 1.85 m

Weight : 79 Kg or 174 lb

Spouse : Bernard Hopkins Jr was marry with Jeanette Hopkins in 1993


Early Life and career:

Because of his affinity to crime, by the age of 13, he was mugging people and had already been stabbed three times. Whilst at prison, he noticed an inmate get killed over an argument pertaining to a pack of cigarettes. He left and converted to Islam after serving in prison for five years.

He then began his life as a professional boxer in the light heavyweight category. He lost his debut at Atlantic City to Clinton Mitchell but resumed his career after a 16 month break and won a middleweight fight against Greg Paige.

For two years from 1990-92, Hopkins went unbeaten and won 21 in a row. He lost the IBF Middleweight title to Roy Jones before drawing against Segundo Mercado at Ecuador. He claimed that he had not been acclimatized to the high altitude at Ecuador. In an immediate rematch at Landover, Maryland, Hopkins won by a technical knockout and defended his title against the likes of Steve Frank, Simon Brown, Glen Johnson and Antwun Echols.

Hopkins then fought the highest-paying fight of his career against Oscar De La Hoya at Las Vegas in 2004 and was the undoubted middleweight winner. De La Hoya then invited Hopkins to bond with his boxing promotional firm, Golden Boy Productions as president of its East Coast chapter.

Hopkins became the first man to unite all four titles after his triumph over De La Hoya.  He has been trained by English “Bouie” Fisher as well as his assistant Naazim Richardson over the course of his career. He has won 51 of the 59 fights that he has taken part in overall in his career and now focuses his time running Golden Boy Productions in the East Coast.

Properties and net worth:


He has properties on the East Coast in New York as well as in Philadelphia. Having amassed over $40 million in his career, he is now making money of the various investments he has made.

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