Bernard Hopkins Net Worth

Bernard Hopkins is a premiere American boxer and one of the richest athletes in the world, he has earned himself a net worth of nearly 40 Million in the past 30 years of spilling blood tears and sweat. He has made his name in the boxing world because of his can do attitude and has been often called one of the most versatile fighters in the ring, Bernard was given the nickname the executioner because of his exceptional KO rate in boxing and the Ring Magazine Named him No 3 On the 10 best Middle Weight title holders in history. His legacy has united some of the mightiest championships and their governing bodies to create one hell of a career.


How Rich is Bernard Hopkins ?

How wealthy is boxer Bernard Hopkins?Total Net Worth :- $ 40 million (in 2017 as per Forbes)

Date Of Birth : January 15, 1965

Bernard Hopkins Height : 6.1 feet or 1.85 m

Weight : 79 Kg or 174 lb

Spouse : Bernard Hopkins married with Jeanette Hopkins in 1993


Bernard grew up in hard timesand in financial insecurity in the Raymond Rosen housing project in Philadelphia where not before long he took up a life of violence and crime. To support himself he would rob people even though he was simply 13 years old, he recollects that being a pretty hard time. It wasn’t long before he was caught and sentenced to spend time in prison, it was there that his life took a dramatic change because he discovered that he was good at boxing and he trained pretty well in the sport in his time incarcerated.

Making a boxing Legend

Hopkins had been training until he got out of prison and immediately joint Profession Boxing, He lost his debut match but it was something he anticipated and after training hard in technique he finally made it back to the ring and between 1990 and 1992 he secured winning streak of 22 wins without losing.

Even at the age of 69 Bernard is on his feet waiting for his next challenge because he certainly has only got better with age. He recently pulled off an incredible victory over “Karo Murat” of Germany to retain his IBF Light heavyweight championship.

Bernard has had a total of 64 Fights and has won an amazing 54 of them that’s an incredible achievement. He has lost only a total of 6 matches and has highlighted some of the biggest championship belts in history, some of which are the USBA Middleweight Title, the Ring Middleweight title, WBO Middleweight Title, and more

What do Legends get paid?

What’s more is that the IBF middleweight champion can pull in nearly from $800,000 to $3 Million for a single match. But considering the amount of work that he puts into training for the match that kind of pay is valid. In his recent match with Sergey Kovalev the media outlets suggested that Bernard will get close to 3 Million for his match which is three times what his competitor gets now that’s also a sum fit for a legend.

Home of a Legend
Bernard has a modest home in Newark, Delaware in the USA and sources say his house is as modest as the boxer himself but it has one hell of a gym for him to train. He also has planned to redo Joe Frazier’s gym which he plan to get done for himself and those less fortunate which he planned to purchase. Bernard truly wants to help the community and now he has found a way.

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