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The updated net worth of Brian Barczyk is nearly $4 million. Check out his wiki, height, age, wife – who got fame from Venom Hunters of Discover Channel. Brian Barczyk is a reality star of Discovery Channel. He appeared on Venom Hunters of Discovery channel, which is a different kind of show and very much risky. But he is also very popular as a YouTube vlogger. Brian posts his adventures videos there regularly and he has huge viewers for that. For his channel, Brian actually has 564,000 subscribers. He has a special passion for the snakes. He has two YouTube channels, where he posts several videos. From his passion, interest, and profession he has earned a lot. His net worth is now $ 4 million.

Full Name Brian Barczyk
Date of Birth September 6, 1969
Ethnicity White
Net worth ‎$4 Million
Annual Salary $300,000
Source of Earning TV Personality
Wife Lori


Brian Barczyk Net Worth

From very earlier days of his life, he has started a hobby of Snake breeding. He is from Michigan, where he was born on 6th September of 1969. He brought up in Detroit When he was just a kid of two years, he has visited the local zoo with family and he fell in love with a snake from that time. But his interest in wild animals is not limited for snakes only. With the dream to be a microbiologist or a zookeeper, he has studied Biology is his school days. Snake breeding is now a side business of him and he earned a big amount of wealth from there too. He started keeping the snakes from 15 years old and also convinced his mother to allow him for this dangerous business.

Now come to his love life, which is equally interesting. He met his soul mate, his life partner Lori when he was in college. She was a girl, who hated the snakes but after some time Brian made her like him. He taught her the basics to take care his snake collection and this is how Lori overcame her fear of snakes. These love birds of reality television got married on 1992. They have a child Jade and this star couple has bought their own house too. The offer of Discovery to join the Venom Hunters was an opportunity for him to live his dream. He has joined the crew in February 2016 and was present in all six episodes of the first season. He also worked as a host on AnimalBytes TV. That was a web series and that has more than 540 thousand subscribers for that. For the vlogging channel of Brian on YouTube, he has more than 11 million views. His struggle on video with the Python, named Satan was the most popular one from his videos.

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