Darrell Sheets Net Worth – Bio, Wife, Age, Facts

Storage wars star Darrell Sheets revealed his net worth which is now $4.5 million. Find his bio including ex-wife, current girlfriend, height, age and facts. “The Gambler” in the Storage Hunting Field, Darrell Sheets is a well-known personality known for his risk-taking attitude in A&E Reality TV show “Storage Wars”.

Full Name Darrell Sheets
Date of Birth May 13, 1958
Height 5.11 feet / 1.79 m
Net worth $4.5 Million
Annual Salary $300,000
Source of Earning TV Personality
Ethnicity White
Wife ‎Kimber Wuerfel
Children Brandon Sheets

Darrell Sheets Net Worth

58 years old, Darrell was born and brought up in San Diego, United States. His nationality is American. Darrell was interested in Storage Hunting since childhood and he followed his passion while growing up as well.

Darrell’s source of income has been through Storage Hunting, bidding in all these years. Now his son is taking forward his business and they both rely on their income obtained from Storage Hunting. His net worth currently stands at $4.5 million.

In the year 2010, A&E came up with a reality show “Storage Wars”. But Darrell just not acts to have immense knowledge of Storage Hunting in the show. It is actually his experience of more than 30 years on Storage Hunting that he took up several big risks. Many a times he failed also and laughs out on being stupid but many of his big risks have paid off also.

Darrell became popular especially when the bidding took place. Because of his risk taking, he is named as “The Gambler”. His cutthroat approach has been liked by the audiences and is among the favourite of all storage hunters.

Darrell’s son Brandon is too taking forward his father legacy of Storage Hunting and is seen with Darrell at several biddings and auctions. The biggest pay out for the duo was in 2012 when they bid for a storage Locker at $3600 of Frank Guttierez and ended up getting $3, 00,000.

Darrel when not working likes to spend time on his boat and plays Guitar or drums.

Darrell married his girlfriend Kimber that was his second marriage. Their love story is interesting, as Kimber and Darrell met each other in San Diego where Darrell wrote his phone number on paper of the window of the car and Kimber did call him. They talked and that is how they dated each other.

There are no details regarding his first marriage and first wife. He has biological kids with Kimber and is step dad to two kids of Kimber. Brandon, their son now works with Darrell and accompanies him in auctions and he now relies on Brandon’s Knowledge at auctions.

But Darrell and Kimber got separated and Darrell moved to North Hollywood with Brandon from San Diego.

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