Emma Roberts Net Worth

Emma Robert is the famous kid world personality who made her grand entry in the dynasty of amusement with a kid show aired on the Nickelodeon television to tune up her life with the magnificent blow of success. She is today admired as a singer as well as voice actress and even as the modeler to make the world crazy with her sensational beauty.


How Rich is Emma Roberts ?

Hollywood Actress Emma RobertsTotal Net Worth :- $ 8 million (in 2017 as per Forbes)

Date Of Birth : February 10, 1991

Emma Roberts Height : 5.2 feet or 1.57 m

Weight : 51 Kg or 112 lb

Boyfriend / Spouse : Actress Emma Roberts is dating with Evan Peters.



She is the lady who is admired for her sizzling curve figure as well as mind-blowing performance that makes her the queen possessing her power over the net worth $8 million. This ultimate source depends upon her dedication and passion that has never let her meet the failure. And today she is rocking on the ramp as well as screen and even as a playback singer with a magical voice.


The sizzling beauty of Hollywood has splashed a heavy amount of $1.25 million on her recent purchase of house in the Hollywood hill, back in the year 2010, when she met the extremity of success. This location is known to be one of the most favorite destinations of the celebrity to lead a luxurious as well as royal lifestyle. This is the stunning home of the sizzling model that has been blessed with the lodge styled home that was single storey. The house has been offered with 3 stunningly decorated bedroom as well as bathroom that has furnished with delicacy to offer classy attire to the house.  Furnishing of living room has been accomplished in a better manner to match her lifestyle. This house was holding an open space in front with the manicured land having the grasses in equal proportion. Whereas the backyard is mesmerizing with the green trees that is blooming with the flowers all over and the fragrance fills the atmosphere with romance. The living room is offered a stunning look with a vast collection of decorative wall picture and several vases. The swimming pool is integrated with the man made beauty in the backyard of the house to enjoy every single second of his life it has been added with the coaches all around to enjoy the bath.

Auto & Cars

The man who is recognized as the token of smartness as well as dedication that he revealed in her movies has been figured out in his number of fleet collection that are considered to be expensive in the current contemporary market. therefore, she own a range rover that is considered to offer a sporty feel at a minimal price of $500,000 but in the party time she like to drive in her Favorite fleet that is none other than the pink colored  Hummer show of high performance.

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