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Gabriel Garcia Marquez Net Worth – Late Gabriel Garcia (1927-2014) was a Colombian Novelist and screenwriter is said to have estimated net worth of $10 million. In his lifetime he contributed a lot to Literature and was a significant writer in the 20th century. Gabriel passed away on 17th of April in 2014 (last year only).


How Rich was Gabriel Garcia ?

Gabriel Garcia @ cownetworth.comTotal Net Worth :- $10 million (in 2017 as per Forbes)

Date Of Birth : March 06, 1927

Passed Away : April 17, 2014

Spouse : Mercedes Barcha


Gabriel was born in Columbia He joined the law school but soon dropped out from there to pursue a career in Journalism. Before becoming an author he started as a Journalist and wrote many stories, articles.But he later on started writing novels (Non-fiction) which received critical acclaim and commercial success. His famous novels includes ONE HNDRED YEARS OF SOLUTIDE in 1967,AUTUMN OF THE PATRIACH in 1975 and LOVE IN TE TIME OF CHOLERA in 1985.His style of writing and imagination had some artificial realism as in the events had occur in the normal and real situatios.Most of  his writing centred the theme of Solitude. He wrote non fictional novels and some of them were set in a fictional village named Macon do which used to resemble his own birth place Arcata in Columbia. For his work he received Nested International prize for literature and the epitome of all the Honours’, Nobel Prize in Literature.

Gabriel is fondly called as Gabo in Latin America. Gabo met Mercedes Barcha Pardo, a Pharmacist when she was in her high school in a party and in a drunken state he was amused by her beautiful looks and proposed her. After completing her graduation the couple got married. The couple was blessed with two handsome sons, Elder son Rodrigo who is now a famous Film maker and younger son, Gonzalo, a graphic designer.

Gabo was the founder of New Iberia American Journalism inspiring youth to learn journalism and it skills. Gabriel also wrote screenplays for many films and was the founder and executive director of Film institute in Havana. His several novels were made in to movies.

Gabriel got to know that he is suffering from cancer and wrote his autobiography, LIVING TO TELL THE TALE in the year 2002.Gabo’s last novel which was published was MEMORIE OF MY MELANCHOLY after which he almost left writing due to his illness. After a prolonged illness, Gabo at the age of 87 died in 2014 due to Pneumonia. The president of Columbia called Gabriel as “The Greatest Columbian ever lived”.


Gabriel Garcia lovely house           

Gabriel and his family lived in Vista del sol community in Los Angeles with 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, car garage, office space 2 storey building but the property was listed on sale. During his last years of life he lived with his family in his house at Mexico City.


Gabo’s major income came from his published novels, their royalties. He also earned money from the screenplay writing earning him net worth of $10 million.

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