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The internet giant Google needs no introduction. It is in itself a brand which I don’t think anybody on this earth would not know. Google provides one of the best SEOs and is not only used by students but is also used by delegates from different companies. If you talk about its net worth, do you think there is any other internet SEO that has more asset than Google has? Let’s check out some known as well as unknown facts about Google.


How Rich is Google ?

How wealthy is Google company ?Total Net Worth :- $ 33.3 billion (in 2017 as per Forbes)

CEO : Larry Page

Headquarter : California, U.S.

Total Employees : 52,069 (Approx)

Office In Countries : 40 (Approx)



A U.S. based company, it was designed by two friends, Sergey and Larry, as their research project in the early 90s. As soon as they realized that there research has turned into a profitable business they decided to incorporate the company towards the end of 90s and bang-on! The company started growing rapidly.

Google very first office in Garage with Larry Page

It not only provides the best internet related services and products but also has lots and lots of information that is useful to everyone. And all the information is just one click away. Both the friends are now ranked amongst the fifteen richest people in the world. Recently, it was revealed that the fortune of both the friends crossed a wonderful margin of $ 30 billion.

Total Employee and location

Google Headquarter

It is interesting to know that the first office of Google was opened in a friend’s garage. But afterwards it shifted its office in a much better place in California. Now with so much of success this giant has spread itself in about 40 different countries and even has more than 70 branches globally.


Google Office

The Company has been performing tremendously well year by year with an increasing profit each day. The Company has been performing tremendously well year by year with an increasing profit each day. The main objective of the company is to improve their products so that it helps to improve people’s life.

Source of Income

One of the service through which Google earned the most was Gmail. In fact, earlier, it was the only emailing service which stored all the emails and gave 15 GB of free storage to each and every user which made it much easier for them to save all the details in one place. Adding to its success it even acquired many small businesses like You Tube.  The other main source of income of Google comes from advertisement. The list of the product and service does not end here, the company has a more promising future and products for its user in the coming year. Today it is not just a search engine but it even includes other services like communication and publishing tools along with advertising services. The company is profiting far better when compared to other tech companies. Even the shares of the company have risen by a remarkable amount last year. Also, for the first time it has overtaken Firefox and profited over 20% market share. Google Chrome has got better and better in a span of six years and occupies a major part in the browser market .It really works very hard in improving the ways people connect with information.

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