Has Deepika Padukone had Plastic Surgery

Deepika Padukone has been on the news a lot in the past year, she has had a range of successful movies, great endorsements and a couple of hot and happening controversies too and that’s just one of the reasons  she had been the target of the plastic surgery police who have begun to doubt her all natural look.

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We also revealed the net worth of Deepika Padukone recently.  Deepika by her own account is pretty strong minded about accepting your body and loving who you are, that has got her to a place where she believes that plastic surgery is not a thing she would ever try. So what do the expert plastic surgery spotters think about this, is Deepika really a natural born beauty or has she had some help from the craftsmen with a scalpel.

The girl with a will of Steel
There are countless images available that prove that the daughter to the famous tennis player Prakash Padukone is a natural beauty, without makeup she is still exceedingly gorgeous with exceptional skin. This radiation of good health is also a result of her love for sports and health. And that beautiful smile is probably what gets the whole nation so excited about all her movies, which is besides her incredible acting style.

But even the film industry is pretty different now, gone are the days when relative bushy eyebrows were considered beautiful and with the growing standards of production houses there seems to be a lot of pressure on actresses to get the right look.

Deepika has not condoned anyone’s ability to try whatever they feel is required, but when asked about her opinion on the Anushka Sharma’s lips she did say that it’s not something she would endorse. So do you feel it’s just her way of keeping a squeaky clean image or does she really not believe in plastic surgery?

What do some of her fans and critics feel about this mantra.
Some of her fans have alleged that Deepika’s beauty is not all natural and she has had a couple of procedures to get the look of perfection. But what exactly do they feel she has done?
Botox: Some feel like she has had Botox to improve her face and add that additional pump to her already incredible face, even though it’s just guessing we cannot help but wonder if she did it because there are doctors who can do exceptionally subtle work.
Breast implants:
To face the world of the Bollywood critics it’s imaginable that Deepika had work don’t to improve her lady like appeal.
Skin lightening:
And finally considering she was anational athlete and spent most of her time in the sun you can see why this seems like a possibility.

Whatever it is there is no difference in the amount we love her or even in her acting skills so plastic surgery or not Deepika is our favorite Bollywood beauty.

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