Has Diane Keaton had Plastic Surgery

If you thought after you start looking old you did not have a way out look good again, look at Diane Keaton, she may not look like she has had plastic surgery but often that is the biggest sign of plastic surgery done right. She is almost 70 years old but shows no sign of aging like normal people, she is wrinkly yet beautiful, and so what is the secret to her beauty? We certainly want to know since her looks don’t match her age and we would like to know why.

American actress Diane Keaton

The age where plastic surgery was frowned upon has passed and it has been recognized as a part of Hollywood culture, but that does not mean anyone in Hollywood would admit to it. Because some take much effort by eating right to look right but some prefer taking the shortcut.

Going with the constantly changing idea of beauty
Diane Keaton has been known for her comically beautifully roles she played in movies mostly opposite Woody Allen and has changed the meaning of beauty countless times. Today at the age of 68 she has kept up her tradition as she is still among the Hollywood hot and happening crowd despite having a few signs of advanced age

Diane has come to terms with her age and also accepted that she loves to look pretty but that has not meant that she would open up with any secret of plastic surgery. What’s curious is she did not dismiss it as a future option making us wonder if she is really all natural!

Before Vs After the Plastic Surgery?

How Diane Keaton looks before and after the surgery
Diane has been changing appearances like the shades of a beautiful sunset and has gone and seen the variety of styles. Even though she has worn her wrinkles gracefully we can’t help wonder if there was some mild touch up work done.

But the only thing we are sure about is the retouching done to the image of the star as it was pretty much all around the news at the dawn of the year when her face was on TV and just moments later her L’Oreal ad aired showing a totally ageless skin contradicting her actual look. L’Oreal came under a lot of fire for that incident.

The perfect woman inside and out
Diane has been a great example to the young generation she has showed that you should really go where your heart takes you, plastic surgery should not be the first resort but it’s not taboo like everyone makes it. She says you need to love yourself and the way you look but don’t ignore the possibility to look better.

She is not only a great example for the next generations who are obsessed with surgery and dieting she is also a role model to all of Hollywood, and we truly love her that way.

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