Has Parineeti Chopra had Plastic Surgery

Parineeti Chopra is the gorgeous Bollywood superstar who is coming to be known as the most talented actress in the Indian cinema scene, she is an exceptionally talented performer whose skills have got her more awards than we care to count and her immense good looks are certainly to die for. She is also cousin of Priyanka Chopra. But in today’s world where everything can be acquired right from ones intelligence to one’s beauty the question that comes up is “has Parineeti Chopra’s beauty come from nature or good old plastic surgery?”

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So are the plastic surgery rumors true?
Chopra made her acting debut in 2011 and won our hearts over, but she also won a bit of interest in the eyes of the plastic surgery critics because in their eyes natural beauty is just a myth. Since then the debate has been on about the beauty of Parineeti Chopraand her good looks, did she do it or not let’s see what the experts say!

Parineeti hasn’t been in the public eyes for a very long time like most of the celebs of the day, but there has been certain transformation across the time we have seen her. The celebrity watchers out there are chalking it up to plastic surgery but we feel that they need to understand that she is still in the age where her face is evolving especially since she has been jumping a lot on the weighing scale to suite her characters in movies

Parineeti Chopra Before vsAfter
Since coming in the limelight Parineeti’s face hasn’t evolved much, in our opinion the plastic surgery rumors are just another way to create completely unnecessary hype, but you know what they say, there is no such thing as bad publicity.

The Botox rumors are one of the most prominent rumors floating around and it is probably the stupidest because she is too young to require such a procedure since her face structure is pretty incredible.


The only rumor that has a chance to be true is the ones of the facelift because even though she has flawless skin sometimes stars prefer getting this done to get rid of that excess skin that makes them look chubby.

Living the Healthy Life
Parineeti is a solid advocate for a better and healthier life but says she also needs to satisfy the foodie inside her and that puts her in the list of our favorite celebrities, she is not a size zero and we love her for that because she is setting a healthy image for all Indian girls who look up to her.

Parineeti has said the secret to better health is adequate sleep which is a good 7 – 9 hours a day and always moisturizing as it keeps your skin young. We don’t know what’s in store for this lightning bolt in the future but if we are sure about one thing it’s the fact that she will never fail to shock us.

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