Honda Motor Net Worth

There are many big automobile companies all over the world and Honda is one of them. Talking about automobiles we know that Honda Company holds a very important place in the market. It is always there on a buyers list as there car’s are one of the best products and give good competition to the other automobile companies. The company was not built in a day’s time it required all hard work and ideas to hold a strong position in this competitive world.


How Rich is Honda ?

How wealthy is Honda Motor Company?Total Net Worth :- $  million (in 2017 as per Forbes)

CEO : Takanobu Ito

Headquarter : Tokyo

Total Employees : 190,338 (approx)

Total No Office : Over 1000+ (estimated)




The founder of Honda Company was Soichiro Honda who worked as a mechanic in a garage. Honda company got there first bumper profit after they manufactured a complete motorcycle that included both the body and the engine and since then there is no turning back for the company. The company introduced its first automobile that was a mini truck which was launched in the market in early 60s. Gradually, Honda started to launch its product all over the world and won the confidence of its customers by providing the best product and service. The company believes in new ideas and improving the society by its innovations. They have always been busy innovating and trying things beyond any ones imagination. They have many inventions that has benefitted the society with its work. They invented the Robot ASIMO and it is the only Robot that can dance, walk and read the users brainwaves to move. They even invented solar cells for the use in industries as well as commercial purposes.

Source of income

As we know that Honda Company is one of the leading automobile company and is growing day by day with the help of their innovation, their main source of income is from the automobile (four wheeler vehicle). They keep adding new versions to the list year after year to improve their product and improve people’s living standard. There list of product does not end here they have many other products in different fields that add profit to their company the latest one is the eco friendly electrical and natural gas cars introduced by them in the market.  Honda even had products like racing motorcycle and Honda sports car.


Honda Company is located in Minato, Tokyo, Japan.  It has many plants in other countries where they assemble the parts of the automobiles. It is running its work shop in many developed countries where it’s giving a good competition to the other automobile companies.


Honda Company has earned its name and value with its hard work and ideas. Since the company was formed it kept adding products which gave a great profit to the company. They had a great profit of 4.90% in 2014 quarter.

We hope to see more sophisticated and eco friendly automobile from the company and believe that the company will help the society and the world by its creativity and ideas. Seeing the trend of the growth of the company it seems the company has a very promising future.

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