Hunter Tylo Plastic Surgery

Sometimes Plastic surgery is subtle, sometimes over the top but Hunter Tylo’s bout with plastic surgery is probably the most obvious cosmetic makeover we have seen. No woman has a face like that and hopefully no woman would want to either, because hunter has gone overboard with the procedures and looks pretty much like a mannequin herself now.

Hunter Tylo plastic surgery affect

If you are unsure who Hunter Tylo is then you might remember her from the hit series bold and beautiful which was on air for two separate decades, she played the role of Dr. Taylor Hayes and rose to fame because of her skills on camera and charisma off it. She is also an accomplished writer and former model making her extensive plastic surgeries a big deal in the Hollywood community.

— The art of Transforming from one person to another —
we have all seen attempts to look like somebody famous but Hunter Tylo has been the first famous person to have surgery and ultimately look like someone totally different. If you remember her looks from the start of her career you will certainly not be able to remember or recognize her most recent transformations. Hunter has not really had a smooth life and has had quite a few ups and downs, like her daughter having cancer and the death of her son in 2007.

It’s unclear whether the plastic surgery was her way to cope with the trouble or was it just something she really wanted to do but one thing is certain that the outcome is not great.

Before Vs after
you don’t need to be a genius to know that she has had surgery, it’s written all over her face quite literally. Her lips are overly pouty and her cheeks look like they are swollen and to top it out there are no imperfections on her face which is not at all natural, it’s just too smooth to be good.
Botox:the only explanation for those over the top plump cheeks are Botox injections that the star ad to take to keep up appearances.
Lip fillers:expert feel like the pouty look from her lips arepretty much theresult of fillers to keep it smooth and plump but this certainly has put the natural look on the back seat and kicked ‘aging gracefully’ out of the car.

— The world’s advice —
over the past few months several doctors have expressed their concern that she is going over board and need to leave her face be for the foreseeable future. We hope she does.

Hunter has had a rough life but she is one of the most loved people in TV, if she continues on this path we doubt people will even recognize her but let’s see what the future holds.

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