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Defense is a major aspect of boxing or any sport related to it, James Toney is a master at this art of defense and with a lifetime net worth of nearly $2 Million he is one of the legends in defensive boxing in the last era. Tony might have been born in the era where boxing was taking a new turn with technique and training but he has trained himself in a classical fashion, one that resembles the great boxers who ruled the ring over six decades ago.


How Rich is James Toney ?

James Toney @ cownetworth.comTotal Net Worth :- $2 million (in 2017 as per Forbes)

Salary :- $500,000

Date Of Birth : August 24, 1968

James Toney Height : 5.9 feet or 1.76 m

Weight : 99 Kg or 218 lb

Spouse : Angie Toney



James uses a defensive tactic in boxing that pulls from an old-school style called the Shoulder roll which has got him a handful of championships in different weight categories.

The turns and training of James Toney
Before retiring James was one of the best boxers in the defensive lines and his technique was quite unorthodox but it’s a very less known fact that when he was an amateur boxer he was as dominant in the ring as you would imagine him to be today. He had 33 fights with only 2 losses and 29 of those wins were directly knockouts, certainly not bad for a defensive boxer.

As a teenager he earned the West Michigan Division Junior Title for 1983 and 1984, the Novice Golden Gloves in Manchester and the Michigan Silver Gloves in 1987 and more titles which was the reason he was put under the tutelage of Gregory Owens a veteran of boxing training.

“Lights out” the Champ is here
James was a force to be reckoned with, because it’s not common for a defensive boxer to be so successful. His abilities were making a name for him and it also earned him a nickname that stuck like glue, they called him James “Lights Out” Toney.

Randy was the master of three divisions, from the heavyweight to the cruiserweight titles his impressive streak of 74 wins in 87 matches was pretty great. He was even crowned with the most prestigious “Fighter of the Year for 1991 and 2003”.

The Last laugh
James took on Randy Couture in theworld of UFC in 2010 and that was probably one of the only places where this defensive champion was not really prepared for what was to come, Couture got a takedown over Toney and just after 3:20 mins in the match Toney submitted to the champion.

Toney Earned $500,000 in the match while his opponent despite his win picked up only a salary of $250,000.

Today James is 46 years old and is living happily with his family and he is still living an active life because let’s face it with a personality like James’s we are not sure when and how he will want to jump back in the ring

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