Janice Dickinson Net Worth

Janice Dickinson is the name of the world’s super model that is admired for her glamorous figure that would make anyone go crazy. She has proved herself as a successful model, writer, portfolio photographer as well as talent searcher too. She initiated her small step toward her modeling career success by acquiring the title of “Miss High Fashion Model” that was held in the New York City.


How Rich is Janice Dickinson ?

American Supermodel Janice DickinsonTotal Net Worth :- $ 500 thousend (in 2017 as per Forbes)

Date Of Birth : February 15, 1955

Janice Dickinson Height : 5.10 feet or 1.78 m

Weight : 59 Kg / 130 lb

Spouse : Janice Dickinson  has been married thrice and last husband name was Albert Gerston.



She is the pageant beauty who made her journey toward fame and currently owns her property over $500,000. She is a self made woman who is marked a popular model, engaged even in the plastic surgery that helped her to secure a surprising a dynamic figure. Currently she is declared as bankruptcy due to lack of income and assets.

Beautiful House

The lady who met her success in the modeling career and has now declared herself as the first super model to close such a high priced deal in the world of real estates. She has purchased a lavishing property worth in the Beverly hill destination of California. This is the posh location having the most of the celebrity homes residing here. The girl in spite of being a bankruptcy has managed with the support of her fiancé to own a stunning property spread within an area of 2,700 square foot to offer the construction of the house a perfect blend of beauty. This her dream house that has been styled in the retreating manner boasted with luxury and elegance to match the house of 90210 hills with a traditional and modern approached house with the hardwood floors as well as ceiling of vaults composition. The house is known as a majestic wonder of the place with a grand appearing master suite that has been added with the bathroom boosted with the spa boasted option as well as marble titled flooring and the closet that with the best collection of flowers. The living space that is 3 bedrooms and 3 & ½ bathroom are full of worldly thing that renders a unique style. Beside this, especial attention is rendered to the choice collection of amusement such as wine room, game room, gym and many more.


The lady with great power to rock the world also desires to own the most expensive fleet of the world that is known for best interior as well as stunning performance. The exclusive collection of cars comprises of the best potential brands such as Roll Royce and Callidac that serves as a great symbol of luxury as well as elegance of her.

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