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This cute Jazz Jennings shared her biography with height, age, net worth, measurements, boyfriend name, ethnicity, family and siblings. Born on 6th October 2000, this American teenager sweetheart steel all American heart through her YouTube video “I am Jazz”, which is all about her own life. But it’s not only about JUST her life, is it actually about the truth of her life, reality, about a transgender teenager, who born as a male, but wishes to accept as a female. She has made a huge wealth of her stunning career and her net worth is now $ 200 thousand, which is really impressive at this young age.

Full Name Jazz Jennings
Date of Birth October 6, 2000
Ethnicity White
Net worth ‎$200,000
Annual Salary $80,000
Source of Earning Internet celebrity
Siblings  Ari Jennings, Sander Jennings & Griffen Jennings
Boyfriend N/A

Jazz Jennings Net Worth

Also known as Jared, she was born in a Jewish family in south Florida, child of Greg and Jeanette.  Jared also has one elder sister named Ari Jennings and twin elder brothers Griffin and Sander. Though Jazz born as a male child, in 2004 Jazz did diagnose with gender identity disorder, a critical problem and finally accepted as a female identity. She became the youngest transgender personality of America. She was born on 6th October of 2000 and now she is just 17 years old but her fame and fortune are beyond her age. At the age of six, she and her family started talking about the challenges, as growing as a transgender child.  The strength of her life is her family, especially her parents who always stands beside her to win the battle of life and society both.

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She is popular not only because of her television appearances but she is an activist for LGBTQ rights, a spokes model and also a social media star. Jazz is a renowned YouTube personality and presents her own story of struggle on that platform. With her 264k followers, Jazz is a queen of YouTube now.  Jazz has created a huge craze on Instagram, where she has 375 k followers and she also has a high level of followers on Twitter. She also appeared on TLC with her story with a documentary of same, I am Jazz. For the transgender kids like her, she also launched a foundation, Purple Rainbow with the help of her parents and family. Not only that, she also fought with USSF to make the gateway of the soccer game for the transgender children.

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