Josh Koscheck Net Worth

Josh Koscheck Net Worth – There are only a handful of fighters in the world who have known their destiny right from birth and Josh Koscheck is certainly one of them, he has an estimated net worth of $2 Million and is a well-recognized fighter the world over. Koscheck knew he wanted to be in sports especially in the world of wrestling right from the days he was a little kid. He was an exceptional amateur wrestler and has won several fights in his career and at the age of 37 is ranked as one of the best American fighters in the history of the UFC.


How Rich is Josh Koscheck ?

Josh Koscheck @ cownetworth.comTotal Net Worth :- $2 million (in 2017 as per Forbes)

Date Of Birth : November 30, 1977

Josh Koscheck Height : 5.10 feet or 1.78 m

Weight : 77 Kg or 170 lb

Spouse :



Josh has a solid reach of 185 cm’s which he perfected helping him earn several KO’s earning him several victories over his competitors, he has had a total of 25 matches with 22 fought for the UFC since he joined the company in 2005. So what’s the story behind this young master’s success in the ring?

Was Josh Koscheck one of the youngest fighters in the world?
Josh began wrestling at the age of 5 and training even before that so we are pretty sure this legend has had quite an early start to explore the sport that’s so dear to him. He has had a couple of setbacks like an injury when he was a kid but eventually patched himself back together to get back into the fight.

He continued his efforts in the collegiate level wrestling and jumped up further in the league of amateur wrestling, he was undefeated and went on to hold the title of NCAA Division I Champion in the middle weight class. Josh had to struggle a bit financially but finally found his footing after establishing his name as a worthy fighter.

Fighting Style and role in the MMA
Josh has a distinct style in the ring that’s similar to Guerrilla Jiu-Jitsu which has let the company Sherdog title him as the fifth best MMA fighter in the ring.  This all came to be as he joined the UFC in 2005 which elevated his status as a wrestler and also increased the fighter’s salary expectation. His victories have been over some major athletes likeYoshiyuki Yoshida, Chris Lytle, Anthony Johnson and more

What did the money maker give?
He looks pretty down to earth but Josh Koscheck like to live an extravagant lifestyle, he is quite a big player and loves to spend like one. Joshnot has only private jets, bikes and a Ferrari but also a home that could put a Hollywood celebrity to shame. His beautiful home in Fresno, Californiais equipped with not just the luxuries but the amenities an athlete would drool over like a gym, pool, gaming room and more.

And the icing on the cake are his cars starting from a big beast that is the range rover and a Mercedes v12 and finally a black Ferrari which is truly a monster.

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