Kate Beckinsale Net Worth

The actress, who made waves with her first debut in the film in 1993” much ado about nothing”, is already your favorite actress with her subsequent hits in the movies is none other than Kate Beckinsale . She is your hot, on-screen actress Kate Beckinsale.  Born to her successful parents, Judy Loe and late actor, Richard Beckinsale, she just repeated her parents’ magical formula in the movies one after one.

Kate Beckinsale Net Worth

Beautiful Kate Backinsale net worth$ 16 million


Date Of Birth : June 26, 1973

Height : 5.7 feet

Weight : 54 kg

Spouse : Len Wiseman



How Rich Kate Beckinsale

 Kate Beckinsale is one of the richest persons with a net-worth of around $ 16 million.


Her charities make her unique

She is famous for charities across the world. With her rich contribution to various foundations, she has made her place distinct in the list of ‘rich and famous’.


A glance at her career


Kate was successfully doing her roles in the dramas in the nineties, when she got the offer to act in the war movie, Pearl Harbor, and hilarious romantic comedy, serendipity. You would perhaps remember her forever for her performance in “Aviator”. The action movies that she did subsequently were more deterministic in confirming her status as an action heroine.  “Total Recall”-the action show that brought her rave reviews from the critics, would always go down the memory as one of the best made action movie in the last decade.


Kate’s properties and assets

As one of the best leading actresses of Hollywood, Kate is fabulously rich. She owns a number of houses in U.K. and U.S.A.  The house that she owns at California is more than worth 3 million USD.


Her fleet of cars

Apart from her love for luxury houses, she is also distinguished for her love for the fleet of cars. She loves driving around in her Chevy suburban SUV.


Her passion for private jets

She has the penchant for hiring private jets and flying around the world.


Her yearly income

It depends on the number of movies that she does in a year. She is reportedly earning a whopping sum of USD 5 million in a movie.

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