Kirsten Dunst Net Worth

“Interview with the vampire” was the first movie that gave Kirstein Dunst a meteoric rise. Again the “Spiderman trilogy” added to her fame and she bagged the Best actress award for her film- “Melancholia”. Besides her mettle as an actress, she has also done her debut in singing. She has been accused of overcharging her producers and as a matter of fact, she has always remained an actress of considerable worth and fame. She is known for her no-nonsense approach to work and the role of Mary Jane Watson in the ‘Spiderman Trilogy’ will always go down the history as unforgettable. Besides this, she also does a number of things as charities.  She has made invaluable contribution to the AIDS foundation campaign and other charitable trusts.

How Rich is Kirsten Dunst?

Beautifull actress Kirsten Dunst$ 25 million


Date Of Birth : April 30, 1982

Height : 5.6 feet

Weight : 54 Kgs

Spouse : Christian Dunst


Kristen – an inborn talent for ads

Besides her movies, she also has an inborn talent for modeling. She has done successful modeling assignments like Bvlgari perfume advertisement. In this campaign, she looked truly charming and it swept the entire world off its feet. With this instantly famous ad, she shot to enormous fame. Her film career and advertisement endorsements give her millions of dollar every year.

Kirsten Dunst  houses

Her Hollywood Hills home is a marvelous house, which has excellent interior decoration and the floors are simply amazing. This house worth 2 million USD is fully protected with the state-of-the-art security systems and it has all the modern amenities like swimming pool and extremely sophisticated gymnasium. Other than this, she also owns a pent-house in SoHo area of Manhattan.

Her fleet of cars

She has the premium cars and from her collection, she loves driving around her Toyota Prius. This expensive car has remained her constant companion.

Her Income

She charges 8-10 million USD from her producer for a single movie. Her income in a year surpasses more than $ 50 million in a year.

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