Kris Humphries Net Worth

Kris Humphries is another of the star NBA players who made it big during his basketball career, with his shares of glories in the game and misfortunes with a broken marriage. He is an African-American who possessed great athletic qualities from his childhood and was a champion swimmer in the under 10 year category. But no sooner did he turn 12 he turned to basketball and has remained there since, and would be patting himself for taking the right decision.


How Rich is Kris Humphries ?

Kris HumphriesTotal Net Worth :- $ 8 million as per Forbes)

Salary : $3.2 million (received in 2017)

Date Of Birth : February 06, 1985

Kris Humphries Height : 6.9 feet or 2.06 m

Weight : 107 Kg or 236 lb

Spouse : Kris Humphries was married with Kim Kardashian in 2011 but divorced after 2 year.


Kris Humphries Earnings and Career

Owing to his basketball skills, the NBA star Kris Humphries earns most of this net worth playing for his club.  It is estimated that for the period 2010 and 2011 he made around $3.2 million and it is believed his net worth has now grown to over $8 million. It is further said that he gained $1.5 million for the wedding photos he sold to a glamour magazine. To make things interesting, it is also said that Kris Humphries and his wife Kim Kardashian on their wedding day managed to churn out $18 million, though it cost them $10 million in expenses for hosting the auspicious event. Not a bad bargain?

In recent times he has been roped in by a NBA team for a contract worth $24 million hence you can expect Kris Humphries’s net worth to keep piling up, unless he chooses to burn them. He has also made some monetary gains amounting to $150,000, for endorsing for an Italian timepiece company.

Kris Humphries comes from a family which has their own restaurant business, and they have chain of joints, selling fast food, though how much bite Kris gets from the profits is not known.

Kris Humphries Cars and Lifestyle

Kris had always dreamed of a luxurious lifestyle since his childhood, and thanks to his athletic adventures which helped him amass the net worth to live out his dreams.  He has in his collection some high-end cars, enough to inspire awe in humble mortals. His also digs for vintage cars which his Oldsmobile 442 speaks of, which is parked in his garage. His unique collection also includes a white Rolls Royce, and Range Rover Sport.

Being the call of his duty as a NBA star, he moved to New York City when he joined his team, and rented a signature mark of luxury condo, which lightened his wallet by $8,000 each month. Don’t expect him to lose a wink over it, for he is rich enough to purchase a gigantic house in Minnesota as well.

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  1. I have always liked Kris. Is he planing on suing Kim for lying under oath to the court an in her deposition.because she was seeing Kanye when she was dating an married to Kris

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