Madhuri Dixit Secret Truth about Plastic Surgery

Today many great fans of Bollywood are asking why is plastic surgery such a big issue in the film industry today, it seems like everyone is having a procedure done for no apparent reason. But one topic that’s most talked about is the plastic surgeries of stars trying to make a comeback to the great Indian silver screen and at the top of that list is the dashing dancer of the 90’s Madhuri Dixit.

This Dancing Dame has been in the news ever since she tried to come back to the industry in 2007 with her film ‘Aaja Nachle’ which received mixed reactions. because many plastic surgery critiques say that her face though beautiful has all the features of plastic surgery and has lost its natural sheen.

Madhuri Dixit  new look via Before and After

Joining the Bollywood Bandwagon
Madhuri Dixit had been an vital part of Indian cinema in the 90’s, she acted in epic movies like ‘Tezaab’, ‘Kanoon Apna Apna’, ‘Khalnayak’ and many more and for two and a half decades she was one of the top leading ladies in the industry. Fast-forward  to 2014 and nearly after a Decade and a half she was back to try and see if she still had the X Factor she was once known for. the answer is a simple no not really.

Since 2007 many have speculated that Madhuri no longer looked like the star we knew and loved so much. though the plastic surgery was good she lost her natural blossom.

Before VS After
Madhuri has not commented on the rumours put up by the fashion brigade in the past or even now, but the evidence speaks for itself because even a lay man can tell that her face has had some drastic alteration.

Botox: It’s for certain that Madhuri has had Botox fillers to keep her face plump and lush and by all standards it has worked because she does look good.

Breast Implants: While we feel that this part is just a rumour many people believe quite the opposite because Madhuri looks like she is in great shape without any sagging of any kind.

The Verdict!: While Madhuri does not show any signs of aging its quite evident that it is because the star has had a good cosmetic doctor. but despite everything else she has lost those absolute natural looks which in our opinion were her best feature.

Finally coming to terms with age
With the role she recently played in the 2014 movie ‘Gulaab Gang’ we can see Madhuri using an entirely natural approach to her looks which we feel is refreshing for a change, but if this is just her flawless character portrayal or a real change we won’t really know until we see a little more of the dancing Star, so for now only time can tell.

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