Michelle Lewin Wiki, Net Worth, Height, Age, Size

Michelle Lewin is a fitness model whose net worth is around $3 million. Her wiki shared her height, age, measurements, nationality to husband name. The girl next door transformed into a beautiful swan with hard work and determination. Yes we are talking about Michelle Lewin. She is a Venezuelan model with super hot physique and a huge fan following over social networks which she is churning a whopping $10,000 per post on Instagram. Her estimated net worth is about $3 million.

Full Name Michelle Lewin
Date of Birth February 25, 1986
Nationality Venezuelan
Net worth ‎$3 Million
Annual Salary $540,000
Source of Earning Model
Monthly Income $45,000
Height 5’4”
Siblings N/A
Ethnicity White
Husband Jimmy Lewin

Michelle Lewin

Lewin was born on 25 February, 1986 in Maracay. She grew up having interest in modeling and started locally very early in age. She immigrated to America in 2010 and is White by ethnicity. Before fame Lewin worked at a local clinic.

While still pursuing her career in modeling, a photographer pushed her further and recommended her to several influential people and Lewin’s career took off high. With further introspection as well as advice Lewin got interested in fitness and body building. She started vigorously training to get into fitness competitions like IFBB Championship and NPC. She won several titles and got recognition from several places like Cairo, Caracas, Miami, Canberra and Moscow. She is often nicknamed as Miss Worldwide for her global recognition as a fitness model. Lewin currently works part time as a fitness trainer, bikini model and a body builder and works with focus in order to maintain a healthy amazing figure coupled with glowing hair and skin.

Lewin runs and manages her own website Fitplan and has her own range of health and fitness supplements. The 5.4 feet lady weighs 61 kg and depends on lean protein to maintain her physique. She generally likes eating oats, salmon, brown rice, salad and ham. Not only this she spends every day at the gym training to tone and maintain her muscles and body weight. Her favorites are side lateral raises, sprints and lunges. The brown eyes and brown haired beauty has been on the covers of 30 different famous magazines like Her Muscles & Fitness, Sports & Fitness and Iron Man.

Lewin’s Instagram profile boats of over 12.6 million followers and she is actively posts bold pictures. She married Swedish bodybuilder Jimmy Lewin in 2010 and is happily married ever since. They currently live in the Miami Beach residence.

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