Mike Trout Salary, Net Worth – Los Angeles Angels

Mike trout is a baseball player from America who has an estimated net worth off $20 million. He was born in New Jersey – Vineland in the year 1991. His father too played for college level tournaments and in the year 1983 he was drafted by Minnesota Twins. Mike has two elder siblings, Teal his sister and Tyle who is his brother. During the early days Mike played for Little League and also for Millvile Senior High School. He played both basketball and baseball there.  As a pitcher for baseball game he used to throw no hitter.

How Rich is Mike Trout ?

Mike Trout @ cownetworth.comTotal Net Worth :- $ 20 million (in 2017 as per Forbes)

Date Of Birth : August 7, 1991

Mike Trout Height : 6.2 feet or 1.88 m

Weight : 104 Kg or 230 lb

Girlfriend :Jessica Cox


Now he is an outfielder and is right handed player. He had once scored 18 runs which was a High school record in New Jersey. He was committed to the University from Carolina University before he was drafted in number 25 position in the year 2009 by Los Angeles of Anaheim. He had made his debut for this team in the year July 2011. Since then he has played for them for his entire career.  In the first season he was named as the American League Rookie. He won Silver Slugger Awards in the year 2012 and 2013.

Mike has been featuring in the ads for Subway and has invested in a sports drink – The Body Armor  Super Drink. In the year 2014 Trout also signed a contract worth $144.5 million for 6 years with Angels. He also sponsors the Super Pretzel. All these endorsements and sponsors have added hugely to his net worth. On April 2015 he became the youngest player in history of MLB to reach home runs of 100. He was just 23 years old when he managed to reach this milestone. Also Trout and Willie Mays are the only players who have turned up in multiple seasons with great records and hits.

Off the field Trout is often referred as “Prince Fish”, “King Fish” and “God’s Gift” too. He was used as an analogy in reference to the U.S 2014 Farm Bill by President Barack Obama in the year 2014. The analogy was made to emphasize the utility and the versatility of the bill. Jessica Tara Cox is Mike Trouts girlfriend. She is from South California. Mike has been dating her since his high school days. In one of his interviews Mike revealed that he is with her since high school days and that she is her best friend. Apart from a rocking professional career Mike has a well settled personal life too.

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