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Yugoslavian Tennis player, Monica Seles was a former top tennis player having estimated net worth of $40 million. Apart from her tennis career she is also a speaker and author. Monica is counted among top hall of the fame player and earned huge reputation, money and glory across the world.


How Rich is Monica Seles ?

Tennis player Monica Seles earning detalsTotal Net Worth :- $40 million (in 2017 as per Forbes)

Date Of Birth : December 2, 1973

Monica Seles Height : feet or 1.78 m

Weight : 61 Kg or  134 lb

Boyfriend : Monica Seles has been dating with Tom Golisano.


Early Life       

Monica was born in Yugoslavia in a Hungarian family. At 5 years of age her father started teaching her the game of tennis with her brother who was also a top player of the country. Her mother and grandmother were against her playing tennis but his father guided as a coach to Monica.


At the age of 13 to pursue and play tennis she moved to United States and was named no 1 junior tennis players in the world. She became the youngest one to win the French open and at 17 she was the youngest player to top the charts.

When Monica was playing against Steffi Graf in French open, one of the fans of Steffi graf stabbed Monica in her back resulting into 2 year long treatment of Post traumatic Stress Disorder. Monica was just 19 when this incident took place. She recovered and returned to court to play tennis in 1995. She did won some of the matches but the fierce, competitiveness which Monica had before was felt missing.

Monica had trail of setbacks in her life. After 3 years of the accident, she lost her father coach and then had a foot injury. She won many titles in her Tennis career for which she was included in International Tennis Hall of fame. Officially Monica took retirement from Tennis in the year 2008.

After her retirement, she started giving training to students and also emerged as a speaker. She started writing and wrote a book named GETTING A GRIP: ON MY BODY, MY MIND, and MY SELF. And a novel THE ACADEMY. She was seen shaking her legs on dance floor on dance reality show DANCING WITH THE STARS but due to her poor skills in dancing she got eliminated in the first round.

She has beeting Tom Golisano who is 30 years older to her from 7 years and is engaged.


Monica Seles awesome house

Monica owns a mansion in Florida with a tennis court in it, a beach house in Florida and a property in Europe. She once owned a Ford explorer which she sold and now owns a Toyota Land Cruser.She has done much investment with the advice from her accounts manager. She has invested in stocks, tax free bonds, real estate and in cash too.


Monica earned from her tennis matches and prize money ($13 million) until she took retirement. After that her sources of income are many. She had done various investments yielding her high rate of return every year. She did many brand endorsements for brands like Nike ($25 million deal), Yonex ($18 million deal). Her exhibition matches every years earns her $1 million contributing her net worth of $40 million.

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