Oprah Winfrey Net Worth

Oprah Winfrey, who doesn’t know her. Some of the stars came to limelight for their philanthropy because of this generous lady and her worshipped shows. Oprah has learnt a lot from her own shows, and she realized the big huge mansion that she already owns was too huge a place to be called home. So, in hunt for warm personal place, much unlike the over sophisticated large properties that she legally owns in places like Montecito must have heard of it, actually would like to call it an estate and other one is in the business hub, Chicago and a few here and there.With these grounds she got a house constructed in particularly Hawaiian style where peace would be the main element.


How Rich is Oprah Winfrey ?

How wealthy is most popular female Oprah Winfrey?Total Net Worth :- $ 2.9 billion (in 2017 as per Forbes)

Date Of Birth : January 29, 1954

Oprah Winfrey Height :5.9 feet or 1.69 m

Weight : 77 Kg or 170 lb

Spouse : Winfrey is happily married and settled with Stedman Graham.


A place called home

Oprah has been looking for a domicile where she didn’t feel lost and felt the warmth. So, on a recommendation from a friend she picked up a house on the island. The house that she wanted was supposed to be simple, not grand at all, which was done as per her requirement. The house is nothing less than a scenery, the ocean, a hill, green moss and the amazing white home with expensive French doors. A few steps in front of the house welcomes you to the porch, where awesome chairs wait for you to coil into. And it’s the only house on the hill. AWESOME.

Interiors Tailor Made

Oprah always knew what she wanted the house to be. So, the interior designer created the pieces worth admiration from antiques and unique to satisfy the rich. The curtains were brought from India, the upholstery is done from soft chenille. And the rest of the eye catching decorations are handpicked by Oprah too. And the ceiling of the house is artistically done as a piece of folk art. The master bed room has the most poet view of clouds wandering, and curtains waving in breeze. The flowers in miraculous vase adds colour to the white colour dominated house, which makes house a warm and enchanting home that anyone would thrive to own someday. The dinning to the centre tables have history.The rustiness of the fixtures give home a conventional look. Among many striking things in the house the English dressing table and the classic celebrated painting, mind it expensive one, brings one of the walls of the house to life.The house is in midst of heavenly Hawaiian grounds, where horses graze, clouds wander, breeze blows carrying warmth of the ocean and the most soft smooth fabrics and flowers relax your mind and soul.

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