Orlando Bloom Net Worth, Car, House, Salary – 2017

Young English actor Orlando Bloom net worth is tremendous  and he is one of the top class actor  who stole our hearts in movies like “The Pirates of the Caribbean”, “Balian de Ibelin” and Kingdom of Heaven and solidified that place by almost punching Justin Bieber in his little face! With a net worth of $40 Million he is one of the best English actors we have seen in the past decade and his choice of funny/serious roles really gives him a massive fan following.

How Rich is Orlando Bloom ?

Total Net Worth :- $35  million (in 2017 as per Forbes) Orlando Bloom

Date Of Birth : January 13, 1977

Orlando Bloom Height : 5.11 feet or 1.80 m

Weight : 77 Kg or 170 lb

Spouse : Orlando Bloom married with actress Miranda Kerr.

Orlando Bloom has come to be known for his incredible romantic roles and in the eyes of countless women he is the incarnation of Romeo they always dreamed about, but how much money does this Hollywood heartthrob make? Let’s find out.

From Humble Beginnings to Hollywood blockbusters
Orlando comes from a humble family in Canterbury, Kent, England, he left hoe to pursue acting and not long after found himself in a few theatre plays. Orlando persevered and people saw his talent, eventually earning him roles in cinema that made him an international phenomenon.

Bloom acted in some major title movies like the “Lord of the Rings” franchise and even the well-known “Pirates of the Caribbean” series that became so famous. Bloom pulls in up to $2 Million for small films for example he recently earned $2,187,500 for “The Video Game” and $2,916,667 for “Digging for Fire”.


Actor Orlando Bloom swimming pool at house backyard

Bloom owns a $2.75 million mansion in the Hollywood hills, it has 4 bedrooms 3 bathrooms and all the latest amenities a celebrity would desire.

Cars: Orlando owns an Audi A8, a Porsche 912 and many more cars but an interesting fact about Orlando is that his fir car was a VW Golf which he purchased for 160 pound sterling he got back in ’95

Interesting Facts

  • To pursue his choice of acting Orlando ad to leave home at the age of 16, it was a decision made easier after he was enrolled at the British American Drama Academy.
  • Orlando grew up without a father and always thought his father was famed novelist Harry Bloom but later in life the truth was revealed that he was not.
  • Being one of the most important characters in the Lord of the Rings movies he was given a ring engraved with the words “To wherever it may lead” as a thank you for his awesomeness.
  • During the filming of Lord of the Rings he fell of the horse and cracked a couple of ribs, he says it’s the funniest incident he can imagine, we wonder if he fell on his head instead!
  • He might have hurt himself when he fell of a horse but he was totally uninjured after a car crash in 2007.

Bloom is a Hollywood star of the highest rank and we cannot wait to see what he has in store for his future.

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