Prince Charles Net Worth

Money is a rather curious thing especially in the hands of royalty, a great person once said money is what makes the world go around, but money is not where most of our interest lie. It’s in the interests of those who seem to have it all and yet seem to spend it in ways we cannot imagine. Like the illustrious Prince Charles who is considered to be a champion at business with his ventures in the food industry.


How Rich is Prince Charles ?

Most popular Prince Charles$ 210 million


Date Of Birth : November 14, 1948

Height : 5.9 feet

Weight : 86 Kgs

Spouse : Prince Charles current wife name is Camilla.


Net Worth

The Prince of Wales is the eldest child of Queen Elizabeth II and future heir to the throne, whose net worth is unknown to the common man, but according to WealthX the net value should be around 210 million dollars.The fact to be noted is that the crown or the royal status does not bestow upon him the finances from the state, but rather his net value comes from his inherited estate and his business acumen. Hisfinancial assets being a successful businessman and a member of the British Royal Family can only be speculated but is said to be undoubtedly in the hundred millions.



Duchy originals now a part of the world famous Waitrose Companyis a wholly owned subsidiary of The Prince’s Charities Foundation, started by the prince himself. The “turnover” of the Duchy Originals Ltd company, which is the royalty income came to £4.86 million in 2006 – 2007. Following accounting costs the company made profits of £2.25 million, with £625,293 donated to charity. With a plan to expand Duchy Originals hopes to explore its opportunities in America and India as part of its five year plan, it aims to capture a profit of around 200million euros quadrupling its profits



Being part of the British royal family Prince Charles has most of his income generated from the land he inherited which does not fall under the financial value bestowed upon him by his royalty. In 1337 the king Edward III hadthe Duchy of Cornwall estate built for his heir and the estate would be used as a source of income to the future inheritance of the estate. The total value of this estate today stands close to a billion dollars and is his greatest asset, this estate includes agricultural (Duchy Originals), residential (Poundbury) and commercial properties.



Being affiliated with the armed forces Prince Charles would never splurge; it also instilled in him the appreciation for the finer things. Being an avid fan of the luxurious Aston Martin he has a customized Aston Martin that runs on Wine. While prince Charles is definitely a machine head he is also concerned about the environment and vowed to decrease his carbon footprint drastically in the coming years.

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