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Robinson Cano Net Worth – Major League Baseball is a famous sport, it’s truly a religion for everyone in the USA, and recently Robinson José Canó has really made a name for himself, earning a net worth of nearly $60 Million, but it’s on the verge of jumping to a whopping $250 Million because of his contract with the Seattle Mariners the team that Robinson plays for. Robinson has been known to be an aggressive player on the mount but a pretty relaxed guy otherwise, so let’s see what the secret behind this future hall of famer is.


How Rich is Robinson Cano ?

American baseball player Robinson Cano earning and salary detailsTotal Net Worth :- $60 million (in 2017 as per Forbes)

Salary :- $15 million

Date Of Birth : October 22, 1982

Robinson Cano Height : 6.0 feet or 1.83 m

Weight : 95 Kg or 209 lb

Robinson Cano Wife name : As per the web source Jackelin Castro claim to be his wife.


Robinson father Jose Cano was also a professional player, though in contrast he was never this famous but that’s what put a young Robinson into the game at a young age. Robinson was born in the Dominican Republic and was raised there, he has always had a love for activity and sports like baseball and basketball are what got him famous in school, and the cycle didn’t stop there.

Robinson spent four years in the minor league and made his way up to the big league, but the icing on the cake is that he was chosen by the New York Yankees who are arguably one of the most famous teams in the world.

Robinson is not known to be a super heavy spender but he does have his expenses which he certainly takes care of, he likes finer clothes and does most of his shopping in the boutiques of New York.

Robinson agreed to a $240 Million contract with the Seattle Mariners which means he will get $24 Million per year as a salary for the next decade in the game. Now that’s some serious spending power

Cano has a home in “La Capital” as well as him home town of San Pedro de Macorís and they are pretty sizeable with all the modern amenities like an inbuilt tennis court, pool and even gym.

Robinson Cano’s Facts

  • Cano had an impressive set of matches playing for the Domnican Republic in the 2013 World Baseball Classic and was named most valuable player in the series.
  • Since Robinson’s father was also a pro baseball player he named Robinson after the talented Jackie Robinson who he had played against many times.
  • Robinson is a very fashion conscious guy and usually spends big bucks on his wardrobe, even before he could afford it he was very picky regarding his clothes as a teenager.
  • He won the 2011 Home Run Derby by hitting 12 home runs in the final round.

Robinson has had a great career so far and what’s yet to come ahead is no surprise but we still cannot wait to see it.

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