Rosie Huntington Whiteley Net Worth, Salary, Facts

English model and actress Rosie Huntington Whiteley has a total net worth of $16 million. Find out her yearly salary, source of wealth and interesting facts detail. Rosie Huntington is the Victoria’s Secret model who is making her way into the wide world of Hollywood, with a net worth of nearly $5 Million she has starred in “Transformers: Dark of the Moon” and is set to make screens sizzle with her next move “Mad Max: Fury Road” set to debut in 2015. Rosie is a British model who has gained considerable fame in the past decade, she has gone from modelling a pair of Levis jeans to being crowned sexiest woman alive, and now that’s an achievement!

Full Name Rosie Alice Huntington-Whiteley
Date of Birth April 18, 1987
Nationality British
Net worth ‎$16 million
Annual Salary $2 Million
Source of Earning Modeling
Monthly Income $166,000
Height 5’7”
Measurements 34-25-35
Boyfriend Jason Statham

Actress Rosie Huntington Whiteley net worth

Rosie is making a name for herself today but did you know she comes from a real farm, her mother was a fitness coach so Rosie was taught to eat right from a young age. She went to school in Tavistock, Devon and was made fun of for being skinny and having big lips, she had no idea that it would one day make her a living.

Making it big in Modelling
Rosie has represented major brands like Gucci, Victoria’s Secret, Prada, Giles Deacon and more, but she does not plan on stopping there because she has some serious plans in Hollywood  especially with her upcoming film “Mad Max: Fury Road” just around the corner.


Rosie is now living with her boyfriend of 5 years the action movie heartthrob Jason Statham in a Hollywood mansion they purchased together, though the details of the purchase was not known its guessed that Jason took a good portion of it. The home has a massive 7,119 square feet of interior space to roam around in and is equipped with all the best money can buy.

5 things you probably didn’t know about Rosie Huntington

  • Rosie grew up on a farm and lived a typically normal life rearing horses, pigs and other domesticated animals.
  • Rosie may not be the next in line to get the throne but she is actually but distantly related to queen Victoria.
  • Rosie was voted to the title of no 1 in FHM magazines World’s Sexiest Woman of 2011 poll, it also crowned her sexiest woman alive.
  • Rosie purchased a car with her first paycheck but the funny thing was she was not even old enough to drive it so she had to turn over the keys to her parents till she got the go.
  • Being so playful and talkative at school she was voted “Miss Big Mouth” in her school year book.

Rosie is only 27 and has been a strong force in the modelling world, what does the world have in store for her only time will tell.

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