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Sean O’Pry is an American model having net worth of $6.5 million dollar in 2017.  Sean Opry is best known for his part in Taylor Swift’s new music video titled blank space, starting his career nearly a decade ago pry has come to be known as one of the most famous male models in the world with an estimated huge worth as this young age.


How Rich is Sean O’Pry ?

Sean O'Pry @ cownetworth.comTotal Net Worth :- $6.5 million (in 2017 as per Forbes)

Date Of Birth : July 05, 1989

Sean O’Pry Height : 6.1 feet or 1.85 m

Weight : 73 Kg or 160 lb

Spouse :


Modelling has taken many men and woman to exceptional heights of success and fame and that seems to be the case with Sean as well, coming from quite modest times he has not only come up the hard way but also been pretty modest even after earning a pretty sizeable fortune for himself.

From modest beginnings to Finding his way to Success
O’Pry was discovered from his prom pictures when he was just about in high school and that was the start of his fairytale career, he was pretty good in studies in school and had a fondness for science.

Sean was born and raised in resident ofKennesaw, and has been pretty down to earth despite being super good looking. His rise to fame has been epic and that has also put him on the list of most popular models from around the globe.

Lifestyle of the Rich and the Famous
Sean has represented major brands like Fendi,Armani Jeans, Dsquared, American Eagle and a lot more but he is most famous for his modeling in Calvin Klein’s famous posters. His massive fame was so over the top that he went from earning $5,000 which is an average models salary per shoot to a staggering $50,000 in less than a year, he was also part of Taylor Swift’s new video released last year(2014) titled “Bank Space”

Home: Sean is still a resident ofKennesaw, Georgiabutstays at an apartment he rents out considering he is just starting his career, he says he wants the independence, the partying and more and loves his bachelor pad. He occasionally camps out in hotels while he is on model duty all around the United States but he really doesn’t mind.

Other Assets:While you might see him with a lot of bling or pretty cars in posters or music videos the young star does not yet own a vehicle for himself or almost anything else either, he seems to be living a pretty laid back existence.

Sean O’Pry interesting facts

  • Sean being scouted from his Myspace prom pictures
  • He says if it wasn’t for him breaking out into modelling he would love to have done something in biology.
  • Sean loves to cook and is pretty adamant on getting the right nutrition for himself, he says it helps his independence.
  • Sean is a dog lover and has a mini Australian Shepherd to care for, he says that his pup is not only a great companion but also a best friend.
  • Sean is great at keeping secrets and had to use that skill for a lot of the projects he worked on as they generally released a lot later than the shoot.

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