Soha Ali Khan

Soha Ali Khan is an actress who has been part of quite a lot of film cultures in India has net worth of $20 million or Rs 120 Crore and abroad, she has acted in Hindi, Bengali and a couple of English films which has elevated her massive net worth to about $20 million. Though most of that money comes as inheritance from her family line, she has increased that amount considerably.


How Rich is Soha Ali Khan ?

Soha Ali Khan @ cownetworth.comTotal Net Worth :- Rs 120 Crore / $20 million (in 2017)

Date Of Birth : October 04, 1978

Soha Ali Khan Height : 5.3 feet or 1.59 m

Weight : 49 Kg or 108 lb

Spouse : Soha Ali Khan currently marry with Kunal Khemu in January 2015.


She is certainly not one of the most demanded Bollywood actresses but that’s because she is pretty choosey when it comes to the roles she has to play. Her skill is undeniable and so is her popularity so lets a take a deeper look into her life and career

The perks in being born into Royalty
Soha has comes from a family that’s overflowing with royalty andclass her mother is an acclaimed actor of yesteryear Sharmila Tagore  and her father is not just royalty but also a former captain of the Indian cricket team.

Soha ali khan studied at the New Delhi University of Oxford and even modern history and even cleared a Master’s degree in International Relations before pursuing a career in acting.

Lifestyle of the Rich and the Famous
Soha went ahead with acting after exploring her ability in the banking sector and the first film she worked on was “ItiSrikanta” which was a Bengali movie, she went on to make more notable films like “Rang De Basanti”, “DilKabaddi” and even “Mumbai Cutting” along with a couple of English films like “Midnight’s Children”

Home: Soha has been gifted a beautiful flat in the Upmarket district of Khar worth Rs 9 Crore by her mother as a wedding gift and Soha seems to be ecstatic about the same. The house was a wedding gift to Soha as she was married earlier in 2015 to former boyfriend Kunal Khemu. Their new abode is a sprawling 1500 sq. ft. home with all the latest amenities and still room for renovation.

Other Assets: Soha and Saif ali Khan also share their ancestral property worth Rs 800 Crore, while the exact details are a secret it’s pretty obvious that the royal siblings have a lot up their sleeve it’s just their modest personality that keep them humble and grounded.

Soha Ali Khan Facts

  • You might know that Sohas mother is acclaimed actor Sharmila Tagore but do you know her father and grandfather are former captains of the Indian cricket team.
  • Soha and kunal got engaged in Paris in 2014 and we hope to see the couple living a grand life ahead.
  • Soha has acted in over two dozen films but only a handful are Bollywood makes.

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