Stephan Bonnar Net Worth

Stephan Bonnar better known as “the American psycho” is a talented Ultimate Fighting Champion fighter and master at mixed martial arts who has a net worth of $500 thousand which may not seem like a lot as compared to his competitors in the ring but still is a pretty big amount in any comparison. He is an accomplished fighter and for that he has even been part of a Reality TV show depicting the life and lifestyle of Martial artists titled Ultimate Fighter.


How Rich is Stephan Bonnar ?

Stephan Bonnar @ cownetworth.comTotal Net Worth :-  $500 thousand (in 2017 as per Forbes)

Date Of Birth : April 04, 1977

Stephan Bonnar Height : 6.4 feet or 1.93 m

Weight : 93 Kg or 205 lb

Spouse : Stephan Bonnar married with Andrea Brown in 2009


Stephen has said it time and time again that he is not in it for the money but simply for the love of the sport, and that can be seen in the passion he shows in the ring. He is a pretty big guy which is not very common for the UFC and he uses that to his advantage. His love for the sport started when he was a kid and since then it has simply been a journey into doing the thing he loves.

Fighting his way to the Top
The American Psycho announced his retirement at the age of 35 and even though that does not seem a lot, what most people don’t realize that he has been doing this for more than 25 years. Yes, he started when he was simply 10 years old and learned martial arts to get closer to the thing he loves doing most.

Bonnar had been practicing the mixed martial arts like Brazilian jiujitsu where he holds a black belt and has used a lot of its style in his fights, he is also a black belter in that form and also in taekwondo.

Living in Luxury
Bonnarwho is known as the American psycho could pick up as much as $50,000 per match but in his recent bout with Tito Ortiz he pulled in nearly $100,000 at the bellator 131. It’s also rumored that he was paid $35,000 per episode for the ultimate fighter series that was broadcast on TV.

There are not many facts known about Stephen Bonnar’s personal or financial life because he lives under the radar, but one thing is certain that he really loves what he does and even after retiring cannot really keep himself out of the game.

4 lesser known facts about Stephen Bonnar

  • Stephen earned a black belt in Tae Kwon Do at the age of 16 just 3 years after he started learning the martial art.
  • He has had 15 victories out of 24 in his career with 3 knockout victories.
  • Bonnar was the runner up on the first season of The Ultimate Fighter which was broadcast on spike TV.
  • Stephen won the award for ‘Fight of the year’ in his bout against Forest griffin, the fight was not only epic but also one of the fights that really got the UFC out to the market.

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