Tito Ortiz Net Worth (MMA Fighter) Salary, Car, House – 2017

Jacob Ortiz who is commonly known as Tito Ortiz is a former Mixed Martial Arts fighter with a net worth of $15 Million who made a name for himself in the MMA leagues, he even had fought in the Ultimate Fighting Championship, he was one of the most recognized players in the game having matches with legendary fighters like Wanderlei Silva, Guy Mezger, Ken shamrock and more.


How Rich is Tito Ortiz ?

Tito Ortiz @ cownetworth.comTotal Net Worth :- $  million (in 2017 as per Forbes)

Date Of Birth : January 23, 1975

Tito Ortiz Height : 6.2 feet or 1.88 m

Weight : 93 Kg or 2.6 lb

Wife : Jenna Jameson


Ortiz was part of the early success of the Ultimate Fighting Championshipand held the titles like the Light Heavyweight Championship, His in ring skill granted him the opportunity to not only win fights but earn himself a place in the Ultimate Fighting Championship Hall of Fame. Ortiz is now a business man and has become pretty successful on the other side of the ring

The making of an MMA Champion
Tito has come to be known as one stubborn and hardworking individual and this goes right back into his childhood where he was not having the greatest time or mentors in his life, with both his parents troubled because of drugs Tito did not have any great influences to guide him.

It was wrestling that was a saving grace in his later days of school and the icing on the cake was that he excelled in it greatly. After finding a way to pursue his dream in wrestling he train and soon qualified for the UFC.

The Businessman Within
Tito Ortiz has spent his life in the fitness industry and his technical knowhow is second to none, that makes sense when you consider that he is now the CEO Of the ‘Punishment Athletics MMA equipment and clothing line.’ Ortiz puts his whole effort in getting the sport he loves out to the masses and is a marketing genius which in turn makes him richer too.

Luxury Cars & House
After fighting for the UFC Tito had earned a whole lot of money and you can see that in his lifestyle and cars he has. But unfortunately he doesn’t really have great luck or in this case driving skills because he keeps wrecking his riddles like his Rolls Royce Phantom and even a Porsche Panamera. And even back when he was in the Ultimate Fighting Championship there were rumors that he crashed his Cadillac Escalade into a light pole.

Tito has a home in California and it’s certainly an expensive pad because Tito loves his bling, his house is designed like any costal home in California and certainly cost him a pretty penny for all of the luxuries.

Facts You Don’t Know About Tito Ortiz

  • Tito was one of the best fighters in the UFC with a title reign of three continuous years from 2000 to 2003
  • According to Titos account his fther looks like a Mexican Jimi Hendrix
  • Tito earned nearly $ 7,500 for his first fight at the UFC with Jerry Bohlander quite contrasting to his fight with Vitor Belfort which paid him nearly $160,000.
  • Tito was so messed up that he spent a year selling drugs after college.

Tito is a pretty stand out guy now and there’s a lot we can see from his perseverance as he has made his way to the top from being a nothing.

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