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Born and brought up in London, Tom Hiddleston  had a vision of media industry and film production thus successfully proved its merit in the industry.  English actor by profession, is well recognized in the industry for its amazing performances and flawless work. In the acting industry he is prominent figure and has the emperor and assets of 8 million dollars.  For his stupendous appearance in the Movie Avengers he was felicitated with the MTV Movie Awards. In the play Othello he also played the role of Casio.

How Rich is Tom Hiddleston ?

Tom Hiddleston English Actor Net worthTotal Net Worth :- $8 million (in 2017 as per Forbes)

Date Of Birth : February 9, 1981

Tom Hiddleston Height : 6.2 feet or 1.87 m

Weight : 79 Kg or 175 lb

Girlfriend: Tom has been dated with celebrities like Susannah Fielding and Jane Arthy. Currently Tom has been in relationship with Elizabeth Olsen.


With his gracious performance he reached the pedestal and the movie called “Thor” made him superstar.  We also worked and starred the films made by Steven Spielberg. Every time he had a will and want of doing something bigger, better and therefore he started practicing right from his early age. In order to get every move right, in completed his graduation in Royal Academy of dramatic arts. He stepped into movie industry with the movie called “unrelated” and even his sister got a chance to work with him.

In 2011, popularity was on his way and made him huge star. His classic performance can also be seen in “Deep blue Sea” and “War horse”.  He got varied offers in TV productions too and memento of his life was Suburban shoot out, Miss Austen Regrets and some others.  His prominent films in which he appeared and got wide recognization were “Midnight in Paris”, Only Lovers left alive, Henry IV and Henry V. His fame and work is also in theatre productions which includes Ivanov and Cymbeline. His first ever TV Series was “The Life and adventures of Nicolas Nikel”. In the year 2012, he was accredited as the hottest actor of the year.

After signing and completion of Thor by Paramount picture he gained worldwide popularity and become more prominent in the industry. His real sibling named Sarah is journalist by profession. On the box office, the movie Dark world embarked his performance and able to collect the prominent figures $644.8 million. He remains connected with his fans through social media and does responds them well. Only few people know the fact that he is the highest actor paid in the world and huge fan following list. He also does number of endorsements for the brands and humbly replies to all the fans through social media or in his appearances.

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