Top 10 Richest Companies in the World

Our world is growing at a rapid rate than ever and many companies, organization are emerging in the international market that have huge annual revenue of more than $100 billion. According to the studies done by some financial institutions, there are more than 65 companies in the world who have an annual turnover of $100 billion or more. This figure is amazing and it implies that how our world economy is increasing. Although there are many companies in the world but only few of them have a potential to gain top 10 places in terms of richness. The companies in top ten lists are:-

  1. Royal Dutch Shell

Royal Dutch Shell

Royal Dutch Shell is the richest companies in terms of annual turnover for the last year. Its annual revenue was approximately $481.70 billion and that’s why this company is in the first place of richest companies. This company has headquarters situated at Netherlands and UK.

  1. Walmart Stores

Walmart Stores

Walmart is the giant in retail market from USA. It is in second position in terms of highest grossing companies. Walmart recorded whooping $469 billion annual revenue in the year 2013.

  1. Exxon Mobile Corp

Exxon Mobile Corp

Exxon Mobil is an oil and gas company having its headquarters at Irving, TX, USA. This company earned $449.90 billion in the fiscal year 2013 that let him come in the third place of world’s richest companies.

  1. Sinopec


Sinopec is another petrochemical giant, based in Beijing, China. It has annual revenue of $428.20 billion. It is the topmost petroleum companies in China, and is Asia’s largest oil refiner by amount processed per year.

  1. China National Petroleum Corporation

China National Petroleum Corporation

CNPC or China National Petroleum Corporation is a subsidiary of Chinese government and located in Beijing, China. Its annual revenue for year 2013 is $408.60 billion.

  1. British Petroleum

British Petroleum

A yet another petroleum company that has found a place in top ten list, British Petroleum has an annual revenue of $388.3 billion; due to which it is in 6th position of top ten richest companies. This company is also one of the top employers in England, with 83,000 workers in its payroll.

  1. The State Grid Corporation China

State Grid Corporation China

The State Grid Corporation of China is a power utility company. It has got a distinction of being a largest power distribution company of world. The company has annual revenue of $298.4 billion.

  1. Toyota Motor Corporation


Toyota Motor Corporation is a Japanese company having its headquarters situated at Aichi, Japan. This company is largest car maker company of world. It was established in year 1937. Its annual turnover is $265.70 billion last year.

  1. Volkswagen


Volkswagen is a German car making company. The company is based in Wolfsburg, Germany and has an annual turnover of $247.6 billion that gives it 9th place in the richest companies of world. Volkswagen has a worldwide presence with its manufacturing facilities in different countries like China, Mexico, South Africa, India, and Brazil.

        10. Total


Total is an oil and gas supermajor based near Paris, France. Total showed an annual revenue of $234.30 billion, making it a 10th richest company of world. Total is looking forward to extend their business in the field of renewable and nuclear power production.

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