Toyota Net Worth

Toyota has always produced cars that are fascinating and attractive. The car’s performance is superb and Toyota seems to put a lot of innovation and effort in its product. They sell different types of cars, from passenger to sports car and even luxury cars. In fact, currently they are considered to be the largest manufacturer of automobiles in the entire world.


How Rich is Toyota ?

How wealthy is Toyota company?Total Net Worth :- $ 250 billion (in 2017 as per Forbes)

CEO : Akio Toyoda

Headquarter : Japan

Total Employees : 333,498 (Approx)


Total Employees

Toyota had a head count of more than 3, 30, 000 employees across the world until last year which is rising with time. This is one of the automotive company having office and employees across the nations.


Toyota Headquarter

Toyota records the highest sales in Japan succeeded by North America further succeeded by Europe and lastly Asia.

Source of Income                                                                                                                                                     

Toyota is currently the fourteenth largest company in the world in terms of the revenue. Toyota was also rewarded for their magnificent effort in the production of almost 10 million cars in a year and giving head to head competition with company like TATA.

At present, the market cap of the company is more than $10 billion and is expected to grow further. Toyota reports an annual sale of more than $250 billion.

If the sources are to be believed, Toyota Company’s profit has grown from ¥100 billion to ¥400 billion in the last quarter. The company’s sale has also increased by 8%. Although there was a dip of 2-3% sale in Asia but all the dip was well recovered by the increased sale in Japan and North America. Now all this could only be achieved by an automobile company which is providing amazing services and products to its customers on regular basis.

Toyota had achieved a whopping 370% hike in its operating income last year making it reach an all time high of ¥1.3 trillion and also saw an increase of 240% in the net income making it reach an all time high of more than ¥950 billion. As per the reports, Toyota is currently expecting to reach the operating income to more than ¥2,000 trillion in the current financial year.


Toyota Workshop

Toyota stands to the 8th position in terms of the sales, achieves the 20th position in terms of the profit and takes the 22nd position in terms of the market value.

You will be astonished to know that Toyota takes the 14th seat in terms of the world’s most valuable brand.


Toyota had achieved the 1st position in terms of the best global brands in the year 2008 surpassing big competitors like Mercedes, BMW and Ferrari.

As a whole, I feel that Toyota is a wonderful brand to go with and I would suggest you to go for a Toyota car the next time you plan to purchase a new car for yourself.

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