Victoria’s Secret Alessandra Ambrosio secret Plastic Surgery

Alessandra Ambrosio is one of the most well-known names in the glamour world and she is a dashing Brazilian model who has paved her way to success as a Victoria’s Secret model, the Victoria’s Secret’s angels are among the most gorgeous models in the world and are loved world over. You can also check the net worth of Alessandra Ambrosio here in detail. She is one of the top models in the world and has earned in millions from modeling for brands like Dior and Ralph Lauren making her one of the most sought after women on earth. All this fame has pulled up the plastic surgery police to ask if this beauty is truly beautiful because of nature or science, and to be fair we are pretty curious ourselves.

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The victim of self surgery
Alessandra says she is a woman of natural beauty and does not really like the idea of plastic surgery, while in the world of the glamour and glitz plastic surgery either makes or breaks your career and she still has a no artificial looks policy. All this is for one reason.

Growing up Alessandra experimented with an ear pinning which went wrong, putting the young girl in a lot of pain and destroying her faith in any cosmetic corrections. The doctor performing the procedure had hardly ever done the procedure before that and that was a lesson Alessandra would never forget.

Before and After
its clear thatAlessandra is trying to hint that she is not a big fan of plastic surgery and has never considered any kind of it since her childhood mishap, not even a corrective procedure. But is this just make believe by the Victoria’s Secret model to get the rumors of the plastic surgery off her back? We can’t really be sure

There have been some speculation that she has had a breast enhancement surgery to enhance her looks of her extraordinary body. Ambrosio is also suspected of having other cosmetic procedures like shaping of her chin and even a nose job. While all of this will only remain rumors it’s just best to consider that this Victoria’s Secret’s angel has a couple of secrets up her sleeve.

What does it take to become Alessandra Ambrosio
Alessandra Ambrosio has a figure unlike most others, most of it is certainly the gift of genetics but the maintenance is purely a human issue. Alessandra is not a big morning person but make it a point to go jogging every day, she is also a celeb participant in a couple of marathons. She says the secret to her youth is that she eat a lot of green vegetables and has a balanced diet specific to her health needs.

It’s a pretty stunning decision by a supermodel to not correct a botched surgery but it’s not unheard of and though some may feel like she has a lot to hide we love her for what she loves to flaunt.

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